Aboyne Academy Uniform Shop

Aboyne Academy has an established school uniform and all pupils are expected to identify with the school by wearing the uniform. The uniform also assists with security in the school building and grounds as it is easy to identify people who should perhaps not be on school property. Our pupils are generally very good at respecting the uniform policy.

The standard uniform is:

  • Pupils are encouraged to wear a white shirt and navy or black V-neck jumper with school tie (S1-3 Navy, S4-6 Black).
  • An alternative but less smart option is a navy or black sweatshirt with school badge (S1-3 Navy, S4-6 Black) with a white polo shirt with school badge under the sweatshirt. T shirts are not part of the dress code
  • Sensible dark coloured footwear
  • Navy or black skirts (Very short skirts are not suitable from a modesty perspective) or black trousers including smart black jeans (other colours of denim jeans are not permitted). Girls are also not permitted to wear leggings.
  • Sports kit should not be worn out with PE classes unless PE is period 6 in the day

Pupils are expected to be cleanly and tidily dressed and should note that certain items of clothing are unacceptable. These include denim jeans as described above and jackets, tracksuits, surfer shorts and T-shirts or sweatshirts decorated with slogans, offensive wording or designs. Hats should not be worn inside the school building. In the summer months, the building can become hot and if pupils wish to remove their sweatshirt then they must be wearing a polo shirt or shirt and tie. Any pupil who chooses not to wear uniform may be required to sign out one of our stock sweatshirts for a day.

Aberdeenshire Council can, in some circumstances, provide a grant towards the costs of school clothing and footwear if you receive certain benefits. The grant is £100 per year (1st April to 31st March) for each child. More information about this can be found at: https://www.aberdeenshire.gov.uk/schools/school-info/assistance/school-clothing-grants/

Your garments will be made and despatched to your home or the school address within 28 days of placing your order.